Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garilon Squared

I've been working on the Character model for Garilon. Trying to fully realize a model that can be animated and drawn from multiple angles easily.

I'm pretty content with the model, despite some of the perspective problems in these sketches), but of course these two show massive inconsistencies, something that would have to be ironed out before attempting any real animation with the character.

Garilon vs. Ice Raven

Been re-imagining Nightmare Castle from the ground up, starting with the main character, Garilon. I talked about my first Garilon design in a previous post.

Here, I tried to draw a scene of Garilon fighting the Level 3 boss from Nightmare Castle, the Ice Raven.

I'm seeing some severe perspective and anatomy problems, but I like the overall composition and will probably try and fix it up and finish it sooner or later.

For reference, here is a screenshot from Nightmare Castle: