Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garilon vs. Ice Raven

Been re-imagining Nightmare Castle from the ground up, starting with the main character, Garilon. I talked about my first Garilon design in a previous post.

Here, I tried to draw a scene of Garilon fighting the Level 3 boss from Nightmare Castle, the Ice Raven.

I'm seeing some severe perspective and anatomy problems, but I like the overall composition and will probably try and fix it up and finish it sooner or later.

For reference, here is a screenshot from Nightmare Castle:


Riley said...

I always liked this game. A classic side scroller, fun game with great art.

Jacob said...

Yeah, I would really like to get to play it again, but I can't get my old laptop to install Mac OS 9, which is required to run this game. Hard to believe it's from that long ago!